Sunday, 24 June 2012

Game On! Game 1 - Lingevres, Normandy 1944

For the first game in our 'let's have a look at the latest edition of some tried and tested rules' segment, we had a look at 'Rapid Fire'. Now, back in the day (the 90s), the original version of these rules had a distinct appeal - since they were so damned simple, and featured some lesser known battles.

Rumford and Marsh's latest edition dates from 2005. So we began with the 'in-book' introductory scenario, in Lingevres, Normandy, 1944.

We used the set-up as book, so that we could avoid any more advanced rules re. hidden movement. Though, that would have made things more interesting of course.

British armour and infantry arrayed on the start-line.

German defenders were well dug in however.

The solitary German Panther (to be reinforced on turn 8...if it survives) surveys the British lines.

Ah...spoke too soon. The Firefly makes short work of the Panther, but not before it has claimed a Sherman and Achilles. It's still a long hard slog to the village, especially with that dug in elite infantry in the way.

Keep it moving, and watch out for...

...Panzerfausts, damn! (Yes, yes, the figure has a Panzerschreck, I know.)

By turn 8, the defenders have cost the British dearly, despite their own terrible losses, and they are being reinforced with more armour.

Hell's highway.

The second Panther holds off and destroys the remaining British armour with some of the luckiest dice rolls ever seen!

By game's end, the battered British infantry battalion has cleared the road and got its last elements into the church, but the German defenders cling on doggedly to the village, and they still have armour. Time for a bloody cuppa!
The verdict? Gobin is less jaded and enthused once more. Falconer's opinion...awesome! Rapid Fire continues next time...

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