Saturday, 28 May 2016

Axles & Alloys

The Friday Night Firefight this week ended up with us trying out Axles & Alloys.

You can find this in the internet and it's based on the mechanisms in Jon Tuffley's Full Thrust starship rules.

To quote the fundamental concepts from the rules:
Axles and Alloys II is a game of Converted Hot Wheels And Matchbox Cars Driving Around And Around And Around and Trying To Shoot The Sh*t Out of One Another. It doesn't deserve a game treatment any more involved than this one. Do you want something on a par with Advanced Squad Leader when all you are doing is Converting Hot Wheels And Matchbox Cars And Then Driving Around And Around And Around and Trying To Shoot The Sh*t Out of One Another?

(You can see why we like this game...)

That said, I made it a rule not to spend more than 15 minutes on each car conversion - with ink wash, highlight, and some bits stuck on from old toy sets. The difference in quality with the other guys in the group's efforts, who have spent a lot more time on their cars, will be evident in the pics ...ahem.

 One of Mike's excellent terrain pieces.

 The Javelin speeds toward the post apocalyptic town; missile tubes, flamethrower - and in bad need of a car wash.

 Yellow Peril in pursuit.

 An Interceptor also joins the high speed battle...someone has been at the fender with some MIG welding equipment. Who knew you could still get Argon in the apocalypse :)

In MG range...

What's left of Midville (remember that one?), in the radioactive desert sands.

Successful flamethrower strike on the Interceptor. 'Put it out! PUT IT OUT!'


  Peril is dropping oilslicks to prevent decent pursuit.

The Javelin chases, does a couple of dodgy skidded turns, but remains on target, before unleashing some flame...

 Game 2 saw another flamed up Boom Boom Wagon, versus the Interceptor and Peril again...though those two would fight it out long before the flame arrived. a collision, some weapon damage, and a bad skid, throw the Peril into an nearby wall.

 Just in time for Boom Wagon to arrive and finish the the Interceptor drives into the rockpile.

 Put it out! PUT IT OUT! Wait, haven't we been here before?

A really good laugh, and very quick and deadly. More players and MORE follow. In a campaign, you can add a re-roll each time you survive a fight. These re-rolls may prove essential!


  1. Replies
    1. LOL, yeah. The original of course, not that dodgy remake.

      Though I think it's a bit more dangerous than the movie. The life expectancy was about 30 seconds here...I foresee this becoming a favourite.

      (It's easy to tell which car was mine right? ;) )

  2. This game screams "STEVE NEEDS TO PLAY THIS!" I love the post-apoc matchbox conversions!

  3. Thanks Steve.

    Yes, definitely fun and fast, and the guys put a lot more work into their cars than I did with mine - but the game works well.

    One comment on the night was that it was like 'X Wing with the brakes taken off..'.

    There are certainly more random elements once you introduce some speed and guns - but then that's probably accurate.

    Lessons learned - maniacs with fast cars and dangerous hardware do not mix !!! LOL

    1. Wow after reading your comments now I'm REALLY sold :) X Wing with the brakes taken off, maniacs with fast cars and dangerous hardware, what's not to love?

      Kind of like this guy's type of universe:

    2. Holy **** !
      The Darwin Awards in action.

      Ok, so explosives, shrapnel - shooting at it etc.. That's stoopid enough.

      But when the shrapnel is likely to be a lawnmower blade?!?! :(

  4. Sorry I missed this one Daz. Hopefully I'll be ready to rock this Friday night. Can't wait.

    1. Yes mate, more fun this Friday. Bring the motor...