Saturday, 30 June 2012

Volley and Bayonet - Things to Come...

Gobin has frittered away many hours with Volley and Bayonet over the years. It is very much a traditional set of rules, yet is designed at a scale (albeit variable) which allows full battles to be refought, rather than a side skirmish at  a famous action. The recent revision fixes many of the minor flaws and improves the system.

It does this through adopting a 'brigade base'. In the original 1995 version, the system was expanded with excellent ACW and Napoleonic supplements, and others (which Gobin has managed to obtain). We'll be experimenting with this after our 'Rapid Fire' actions, though here's a teaser pic...Because the stand (normally 3" x 3", but can be scaled to 2"x2" as shown) is effectively the unit - the scale of the miniatures doesn't matter, hence 2mm, 20mm ...or even 54mm can be used. Now where did I put all those Napoleonic 54mm plastic figs that I had as a kid, then reinforced on a whim.

It is with regret of course, that we learned of the death in March of its co-creator Greg Novak (Greg's website is here: )

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