Sunday, 24 February 2013

Game 8 - Quatre Bras - 16th June, 1815

Another foray into Volley & Bayonet. This time a certain little prelude to Waterloo. We used older V&B edition for Marengo, so this time it was full bore V&B ' Road to Glory'. Many nuances and clarifications. As usual with the rules however, they were all intuitive after a few turns.

The scenario was based on that outlined in 'Napoleon Returns' rather than in the recent rulebook (although we plan to do that one in have to love Volley & Bayonet for the refreshing scale adaptability alone).

(Most of the French & Allied figures were Airfix, including some conversions done 30 years ago. Revell British and French too, some Hat and some Newline officers also included.)

The initial setup - the small French force under Foy and Bachelu face a disorganised Dutch Belgian division.

  Initial French reinforcements begin to head to the French left, where hard fighting would be seen throughout the day.

 As the first British/KGL and Hanoverian units began to arrive, the French were committed to the left, in hope of breaking through to the crossroads and the Brussels road.

Light cavalry clashes(!) resulted in a breakthrough charge along the Namur Road, just as Wellington was riding toward his troops.

Picton's reserve was committed on the Allied left early in the day, to secure the road.

 On the French left, musketry duels begin in earnest. Who would break first? The allied troops had the advantage of shock and sharpshooters - and would most likely win via attrition unless the French did something drastic. moving up their guns...

The centre held, but the Brunswickers and Dutch-Belgians wouldn't stand for long.

 ..and so they broke...

As Picton watched the drama at the crossroads unfold.

  By 6pm Cooke's division had arrived to reinforce the centre...just in time.

While on the Allied left, Kellerman's heavy French cavalry attacked.

 On the Allied right, the French have charged...rather successfully, pushing the line back.

 The situation at the start of the 8pm turn. Wellington, the Prince of Orange and the Duke of Brunswick have rallied the lost brigades to hold the road to Brussels.

Soon after, Dutch Belgian reinforcements arrived and surrounded the French breakthrough at the Nivelles Road.

The Allied left were under increasing pressure from French cavalry, but they were too few and number and it was already too late.

As the French I Corps heads for the crossroads, the allies still hold it...Merde!

A great game once more, with a few nice rule adjustments for the era. As Faulkner Fitzwilliam remarked...'this is true wargaming'.

Next time? Hmmm...more V&B, or perhaps Force on Force or something completely different. Stay tuned.

Oh yes...and the little 'un did the rivers again. though this time of course she had to get paid for it.