Monday, 21 October 2019

Disaster at Shirokoye Bulotev!

Well, it was always going to be a disaster for somebody, right?

The second game, here at the bunker, for Steve's Firestorm campaign.

So, here's the sitrep:
A German infantry battalion reinforced with Pioneers (with flammenwerfen), and some armour.
Facing them is a well ensconced Soviet battalion, dug in, well supplied.

The Soviets opted to dig in along the tree line (partially), with a second line of defence back toward the Kursk-Orel railway line. This would prove to be pivotal, as the Russians were deployed piecemeal, in light of the fact that the Germans were 'likely' to attack from the west, but scout units had noted movement of vehicles to the north.

 Soviets are deployed hidden along the tree line, with a well developed trench line to the east and along the railway line.
The issue is, that they are placed a little thin, and positioning of ATGs is critical.

German mortars drop smoke to the south to mask ...something, while Nebelwerfers hit the tree line along the axis running south to north.

German recce vehicles (which was what the Russians had heard moving to the north) emerge to carry out some recon by fire.

German infantry assault goes in. The precious pioneers are masked early by poor bloody Wehrmacht infantry.
 ...which are subsequently hit by heavy Soviet mortar fire.

 Heavy fighting along the tree line, as German troops close assault in order to prevent open order piecemeal destruction via mortar tube...

 Russians have perhaps sited ATGs ...unwisely.

As the German attack develops, Soviet troops begin to move north along the railway axis. It's too late for at least one of the ATGs.

 The German attack develops, pushing slowly at the centre, but it's a mere feint.

The real stuff is happening on the German right, at the northern part of the railway line, as German armour forces the Russian defensive position in a heavy attack, with the balance of the pioneers and infantry.

Too late Komrades...

More smoke to mask a German attack on guns in the centre, preventing Soviet initiative supporting the defence.


 The wind whistles though abandoned gun positions...

Russian units withdraw to the south with 50% casualties.
German units (including pioneers) have suffered 50% casualties, and loss of a recce unit, but have captured the Kursk-Orel railway line along the north-south axis..

Saturday, 19 October 2019

20mm Action at Steve's - Cintheaux '44

Some more 20mm action at Steve's with his fantastic terrain.
Battle was Cintheaux 1944 during the Normandy camapign with Canadians, and Wittman's Tigers.

Rules were Battlegroup Panzergrenadier.

 Canuck infantry in flanking action.

 88 on the high ground.

Shermans using cover

Fantastic buildings

View from the German end, including Tigers to the left. 

Some action in the BUA.

Long range shots at Shermans, but they would use the cover well.

Downtown Cintheaux

Hotly contested street fighting.

Knocked out Panzer - the first of many.

 Damned 88 again.

 Firefly vs Tiger...

Tigers came off worst, and Germans would ultimately be ejected from BUA.
Classic terrain and 20mm excellence from Steve.