Saturday, 10 August 2019

Gettysburg with 'BBB'

I've had Chris Pringle's 'Bloody Big Battles' for a while now. Although the is later C19th European battles, the system is equally applicable to ACW (and has been used for AWI and Napoleonics on the yahoo group and associated blogs - also see Chris's own blog here).

This is a great system. Now, it seems simple IGOUGO when you first read it, though bear in mind that it is divisions that are being manipulated as units, so entire actions can be re-fought.

Takeaways include:
  • The system is a 'lite' style version of F&F, with activation for units (but division based) BUT using 2D6 for a nice bell curve rather than the D10. It really works.
  • Generals move first, and can offer benefits, so care must be taken as to where they might provide influence.
  • It takes brave, bold moves to do things. Standing and firing will get you nowhere, but, by the same token, can nicely hold the enemy in place while you do some subtle maneuvering (as good Generals do during the period in question).
  • The system cuts out a lot of divisional and corps 'game management', in favour of allowing generalship.
  • Units are raw/trained/veteran and this can have subtle effect on their ability to stand and become 'spent' etc. We found Reb units quite solid, while Union units were highly variable in our game.

  • Forces are 20mm plastic on 1.5" bases. 1" bases are recommended in the rules - and granted, things were a little cramped on a 6'x4', but still worked. 
  • All three days of battle were represented here, with night turns for consolidation, and some movement. Day One: turns 1-3; Day Two: turns 4-8; Day Three: turn 9-11.

 Gettysburg from the south.

Buford at top of pic, with initial Union forces.

 Early attacks on Buford's position.

 'I feel we shall win the day suh!'

Reb attacks in the centre, piecemeal at first.

 ...but gaining momentum.

Longstreet makes first assaults on the Union left.

 ...while the Union (foolishly) opt to try to hold on to Gettysburg on the first day.

 Union reinforcements begin to move on the left, though their dice rolls are horrible, and gaining the high ground is a close run thing.

 Keep pushin' boys... 
 Rebs move toward the Round tops (lower pic) and Cemetary Ridge rapidly.

 ...but last minute Union efforts from multiple Corps secure the high ground just in time. Rebs flow through Gettysburg towards a somewhat limited Union force on Cemetary Hill.

 First assault against Round Top. (Little Round Top remains unmanned for many hours).

 After vicious fighting, Longstreet's forces take the hill, but can not hold onto it, as two Union divisions subsequently counterattack.

 The Union left is secure.

 ...further north however, their right flank is under considerable threat.

 A massive Union reinforcement on Turn 9 however, is enough to push the Rebs back before they can get behind Union positions - a very close run thing.

 Too late JEB!

A great system, with lots of potential. Will be interesting to see how well it works with Waterloo/Napoleonics, as I don't see any real issue with rules at this level, and certainly there seem to be some good examples of other periods across the web.

Today's musical number is wierdly in tune with the game (don't ask).

  ADDENDUM - Scenario and OOB from the BBB Yahoo Group:

Thursday, 8 August 2019

More 7D at Steve's

Your roving reporter was present at the WWIII death match between Robust Steve and the Dice Demon.

Now Steve's table setup is one of the best EVER seen here - what a spectacle, with both player's superb WWIII forces on top of it - a great game.

Again, 7D gave an epic struggle (with some rules questions resolved over pulling back as a reaction).

(WARNING - this post is PICTURE HEAVY, as Steve also has a veritable host (a pleathora?) of 20mm WWII stuff for sale - shown at end of post. Contact me and I will send on details if you are interested...)

Absolutely SUPERB battlefield and terrain layout.

 Sov infnatry makes inroads from the east.

 Red Air, grounded far.

First response from the Canadians in Leo 1s.

 ...outnumbered by T64s.

 I hope these guys have done a risk assessment.

Long range fire takes out a Leo.

It's first to objective popcorn...

Soviet infantry moves cautiously through the approaches and the freight forwarding yard (which has no means of loading those containers - where's our mobile crane?  It's WWIII mate, that's the least of your concerns...) 


 All looks quiet, until the Sov infantry moves through the field, and Canadian MGs open up. (The Canadians have donned British MkII helmets in this case, clearly to confuse the Soviets...)

 More Canucks appearing on the line of defence.

 ...with more Leos.

A few shots from Canadian spotter planes.

 RED AIR goes in.

...and does a lot of damage with rockets vs the Canadian infantry.

 ...permitting some forward movement from the Soviets.

 ...but with some losses.

 ...on both sides.

GREAT STUFF as usual...

AND NOW : THE GRAND 20mm WWII SALE - VEHICLES AND BUILDINGS (some superb infantry is also available). Contact me for details...


 Some fine, fine, buildings.