Thursday, 8 August 2019

More 7D at Steve's

Your roving reporter was present at the WWIII death match between Robust Steve and the Dice Demon.

Now Steve's table setup is one of the best EVER seen here - what a spectacle, with both player's superb WWIII forces on top of it - a great game.

Again, 7D gave an epic struggle (with some rules questions resolved over pulling back as a reaction).

(WARNING - this post is PICTURE HEAVY, as Steve also has a veritable host (a pleathora?) of 20mm WWII stuff for sale - shown at end of post. Contact me and I will send on details if you are interested...)

Absolutely SUPERB battlefield and terrain layout.

 Sov infnatry makes inroads from the east.

 Red Air, grounded far.

First response from the Canadians in Leo 1s.

 ...outnumbered by T64s.

 I hope these guys have done a risk assessment.

Long range fire takes out a Leo.

It's first to objective popcorn...

Soviet infantry moves cautiously through the approaches and the freight forwarding yard (which has no means of loading those containers - where's our mobile crane?  It's WWIII mate, that's the least of your concerns...) 


 All looks quiet, until the Sov infantry moves through the field, and Canadian MGs open up. (The Canadians have donned British MkII helmets in this case, clearly to confuse the Soviets...)

 More Canucks appearing on the line of defence.

 ...with more Leos.

A few shots from Canadian spotter planes.

 RED AIR goes in.

...and does a lot of damage with rockets vs the Canadian infantry.

 ...permitting some forward movement from the Soviets.

 ...but with some losses.

 ...on both sides.

GREAT STUFF as usual...

AND NOW : THE GRAND 20mm WWII SALE - VEHICLES AND BUILDINGS (some superb infantry is also available). Contact me for details...


 Some fine, fine, buildings.


  1. This IS a great looking game! The WWII collection that is up for sale is massive!

    1. Yes Jonathan; a really nice set-up for the game, and a great scale.
      That's only half of Steve's 20mm collection. Yes, a lot of stuff there.

  2. I agree the set up is wonderful, it really brings the game to life. And as for the WW2, I thought I had too much 20mm stuff!. I will use this post as an example the next time Mrs Sprinks moans I must have enough by now!.

    1. Being of the 20mm stable myself, I can confirm, that 'no limits' is the best policy ...runnimg out of storage space is the only problem...

  3. Now that a ‘fantasy’ game I can enjoy :-)
    The robust one will regret getting rid of his pride and joy.......

    1. Yep, though I have my eye on some of those Panthers.

    2. The terrain pieces are all excellent

  4. I see you're using chips as activation tokens. But how are you keeping track of morale points?