Sunday, 24 June 2012


Welcome to the 'Warfare in the Age of Cynics and Amateurs' Wargaming Blog (ok, let's call it WACA for short). The ongoing saga of two wargamers and the games they 're'discover.

Le Duc de Gobin is a cynical tabletop general who started wargaming with WRG in the early 80s. Having gone through the vagaries of the more disturbing rulesets of the 90s and 00s without having succumbed, and now felt the urge to re-discover the games he missed, he hopes to find enjoyment in the hobby once more, without becoming jaded by rules complexity.

Lord Falconer-Fitzwilliam is new to the hobby, yet has had an interest in military history from an early age. Having discovered the joy of the wargame and become interested in its potential, he joins the serried ranks of those wargamers who still find the hobby shiny and new.

We will be presenting our monthly series of games in picture and/or discussion format (mainly for purposes of record keeping, rather than entertainment...though we do of course hope that you will find something interesting here).

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