Sunday, 7 October 2012

Game 4 - Contracting Trouble

This scenario first appeared in the precursor to 'Force on Force' back in 2007. This was before Osprey started publishing the rules. The original 'Ambush Alley' focused on the mechanisms from an 'asymmetric' viewpoint, and would later develop into FoF. Being completists, we want to try out the original rules before moving on to the Osprey rules and scenarios. We also want to develop our own very specific scenarios, for a somewhat neglected side of modern conflict (watch this space).

So, all in all, we're a little behind the curve with Ambush Alley/FoF game - time to catch up. The first thing that struck us was the reaction system. Being used to traditional style systems is a real stumbling block here. By the second run through however, we were starting to get to grips with things. By that point, we were only neglecting basic elements like movement and morale(!), though firing and reaction mechanisms were becoming intuitive.

Marines move into the zone to rescue the contractors...

...who are stuck, wounded and running low on ammo.

 RPGs were prevalent, and managed to pin down the marines for far too long.

And pockets of insurgents also didn't help. It took us the first game to work out how the interrupt sequence both worked, and could benefit both sides - in different ways. marines dash from cover.

RPGs make a mess of things. (Nice touch here where insurgent leaders could make more rapid decisions than the 'troops'. It will be interesting to see the regular vs regular engagements in FoF when we make it that far).

We had a few issues with movement and firing...

2nd go at the same scenario and the marines go up the left flank.

Finding an overwatch position on top of the hotel turned out to be very helpful, and allowed Bravo team to command the battlefield (although again, we missed a few quality checks that they should have made before getting the drop on the insurgents).

They even got away after the contractors had been secured by Team Alpha.

All in all, we still have some rules to sharpen up on, but it's easy to see the appeal and the unique approach of the game. We also got two games in, in less than 3 hours, which has to be a record. More to come from this one.

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