Sunday, 21 October 2012

Game 5 - Turkey Shoot

Another scenario from the Ambush Alley ruleset. A mobile sniper team is escorted into position by a marine recon squad, with LVTP 7 is support. In game terms, the sniper team must 'sit' on the roof of the target building, engaging offboard targets for three turns, then be escorted off table.

We found this one very tough on the insurgents, who couldn't get the right numbers in the right position, for a concerted attack. A D10 quality dice on the part of the regulars, and very lucky casualty rolls, made a real difference here.

The Marine APC moves straight down the main road.

Marines came under immediate fire as they disembark, with one KIA in Team Bravo.

Bravo were caught on the wrong side of a wall as they came under further fire from the nearby rooftops. Amazingly, despite taking three further casualties, only three scratches were taken. (Gobin was amazed, Faulkner-Fitzwilliam...more amazed!)

Pressure begins to mount as marines are taken under fire by massing enemy. A combination of overwatch and those lucky d10s, keep the enemy at bay however.

As the sniper team get to their position on the target building, ready to engage targets in the nearby...bookcase!

 A UAV onhand to photograph the developing firefight. 

A lull in the battle allows Alpha to gain overwatch position on the target building. The sniper team spends its three turns engaging, then turns to help the marines, by taking out insurgent reinforcements who are about to outflank Bravo.

The resulting pinning of insurgent units and containment of reinforcements allows the marines to use fire and movement to move from building to building, as the snipers and Team Alpha leave with the APC. An excellent facet of the game mechanics here, we saw a combination of movement and overwatch permit the remaining fire teams to move up the street with mutually supportive fire. The insurgent reinforcement schedule simply could not put the right numbers in the right place at the right time. Had Bravo  not made those lucky recovery rolls, or been hit by another unit, it might have been a very different story.
Great game.

Next time...Private Contractors in Dawala. I'm sure nothing will go wrong ? (Alternatively, we might have a Volley & Bayonet game...decisions, decisions.)

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