Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tanks for the Memory...

 By the time we had reached Brussels during the 1999 trip, we had expected only to see the bland insides of the airport. Finding the massive museum, very near the centre, which housed both vehicles and aircraft, was a genuine surprise. If only I could remember the name of the place. All of the tanks were outside, and rather than leave them as rusting hulks, obvious attempts at genuine colour schemes (for the most part) had been made.

I had heard of the low profile design on the T72/T80 when I was a schoolkid. I hadn't appreciated just how short the driver would have to be to fit inside. When I saw this, I understood why WRG rules didn't allow hull down Soviet vehicles.

The Panzer IV was also remarkably 'petite'.

Though the massive SU152 more than made up for it. Watching these monsters roll toward you must have been terrifying.

 Inside...and the Hind. Again, when you see the model versions, you think that there is great difference in size between the Hind and the Huey or Blackhawk...
Again, the gunners position looked very cramped. Getting this close to a Hind made up for any disappointment though. Mind you, screaming low over the ground, being tracked by radar, as you man the gun with no control over this machine, must have a damned high pucker factor.

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