Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's all Steve's fault really...

Steve over at had recently advocated the uniquely named 'Snappy Nappy' after trying out several rulesets. Being a dyed in the wool Volley and Bayonet convert, I resisted - well for about 48 hours, before ordering the rules based on the good things I was seeing in reviews.

The scale is larger even than V&B, with a two base unit catering for 4000 troops.

This has some unique selling points over V&B for Napoleonic warfare - and removes some of the 'fiddly bits' from a V&B battle of this size, such as skirmishers and division commanders, while still retaining differences between line and column and allowing squares at the brigade level.

The big advantage here however is the 12" to one mile ground scale - the intent being that campaigns over multiple tables or very large battles can be replayed.

Bases are 40x20mm for 15mm figures, which translates neatly to 50x25 for 20mm plastics - roughly equivalent to my 50mm x 50mm V&B bases if doubled rebasing would enable use for both games...

Should I rebase? *sigh* it is in progress...

Preparations for the Easter refight of Quatre Bras / Ligny on a single table. It was the scale and the neat mechanisms that got me in the end. The really BIG Napoleonic battles are what this thing is designed for - and both battles together? What's not to love. Battle report to follow.


  1. Guilty as charged sir! Great rule system ... You'll thank me in the long run I promise.
    I look forward to your battle report!


  2. I think they are groundbreaking rules. Thanks for alerting me to this Steve.

    1. The rules seem to be very much overlooked amongst Napoleonic players and many simply write them off because of the actual name... which to me is a real shame because I really believe that a whole lot of gamers out there are really missing out on a great rule system. Hopefully we'll start a Snappy Nappy revival!

      All the best,