Monday, 22 April 2013

Speaking of Rules...

Here’s a thought…

Yesterday's ‘blitzkrieg’ style introduction to Snappy Nappy continues to generate ideas. The mechanisms and morale function, combined with the die roll mechanic, should be easily adaptable to both the AWI and even the 1680s era Grand Alliance. Yes, I know, I should stick to Napoleonics…ho hum.

Some considerations that have struck during the boring work day…

Light Infantry
Although the scale is too big in SN for such considerations, reducing the scope means going to battalion/small brigade level for the AWI. Hence, Light Infantry will inevitably feature. So let’s say that they fire as normal, perhaps with a 90 degree arc of fire, but such fire only incurs a single morale check if it hits, which is then passed or failed, not multiple morale checks if the first one is missed.

Hits upon them then act in the same way – a single roll. Their strength could be such that less hits are required to disperse them

Hmmm… a name for the AWI version? Why, ‘Rapid Redcoats’ of course! (I can hear the sighs from you all already…)

 (Though I have woefully few figures painted in lead)…

Pike and Shot
Not true Pike & Shot of course, but 3:1 or 4:1 ratio, as becomes prevalent during the 1670s – 80s. Squares are replaced by fraised battalions. These can act as squares of a sort against the elite cavalry squadrons and hastily formed squares are replaced with pike formations to protect the muskets - with similarmods. Though the mod would represent full ‘hedgehog’ style pike defence (-8 or -6) or ‘fraised’ style (-3 or so).

The name for this rules hack is harder of course, as ‘Fast Moving Matchlocks’ doesn’t really roll off the tongue. 'Lethal Louis' ?...ok, obviously I’m open to suggestions.

I’m moving towards doing Boyne, Walcourt and Aughrim refights, with different sized units respectively (5 stands for Boyne, 3 for Aughrim, a mix for Walcourt), which lets me use my available forces. Rules still to debate, but Maurice and now Snappy Nappy are being considered. Previously, I used a Wargames Illustrated hack of the Wargames Holiday Centre rules.

Fast moving matchlocks? These guys beg to differ…

So many rulesets…so little time…


  1. All of this talk of Snappy Nappy on blogs I follow has me wondering if I can resist the peer pressure, or should I just break down and buy the rules.

    How about Pirouetting Pikes?

    1. Move to the dark side Mike.... SN is the rule set I've personally been looking for for months. Big battles or whole campaigns fought with relatively few figures using a simple, yet elegant rule system. What more could you need?

    2. There is also a yahoo group I understand. Must look into that.

  2. It's such a good read - and it plays beautifully. I always find myself with so much work to do with labels and OOBs before V&B games and SN lessens it considerably - and the mechanisms are elegant.

    It took a lot to convince me to buy - but they are worth it.

    (I may be sold on Pirouetting Pikes LOL.)