Thursday, 16 May 2013

Men Under Fire

As there are some figures to paint for the next Snappy Nappy game, I've been considering a quick playtest of the 'Men Under Fire' WWII rules from Test of Battle. I've always loved the old GDW/ToB stuff so Men Under Fire is welcome. I think I once tried the old yahoo group playtest ('Men Against Fire' perhaps - I can't remember) where the scale was such that one 54mm figure represented two effectives. These rules have changed that a little - where one figure is one man (God's own true WWII scale) and they are very 'old school', and I do love the suggestion that figures be mounted 'diagonally' on a square base (see pic) so that the arc of fire can be immediately obvious from the base alignment - inspired idea.

More to follow here, although I don't really have enough 54mm painted, and will be conducting the playtest in 20mm (sadly). A couple of 54mm US Paras and an old Airfix Russian soldier shown in the pic though, mounted diagonally for effect.


  1. Ah yes, MUF. I played a few games of the playtest rules as well; my chosen scale for this is 1/32.

    I'll have to pick these up and give them a try.

  2. They read quite traditionally. Very squad leader ..ish in terms of turn sequence, which I like. I do love the 54mm / 1/32 scale too - just not enough painted.

    I think the hidden little secret is the mission generator though.