Friday, 30 August 2013

Painting Table Recon...DON'T PANIC!

'Sir, I regret to inform that the content of this damned painting table shows no planning, or desire to get anything's a bloody shambles Sir!'

'Tis true, I must confess.

With talk of doing a Charlie Company campaign with a larger group of players, the partly painted 'Figures Armour Artillery' Vietnam figures (I think...though there are a few Platoon 20 relics in there too)  that I got in the '90s - now no longer available(?) - have pushed their way past troops for the Boyne refight, 15mm 7 Years War French, and even my 25mm AWI British.

If I were a painting factory, I'd probably be as far from 'lean' manufacturing as you can get *sigh*

Keep calm...and carry on...or something like that.


  1. Don't worry, this is normal. Those gamers that claim to have a plan AND follow it are all damned liars. As long as I have 12 square inches of clear table space, I can paint.

  2. Yes, I was almost starting to focus on one thing for a while there.

    Painting table full of lead, no immediate plan, situation normal!

  3. This is really a nice. The composition and style are wonderful.