Monday, 2 June 2014

DON'T PANIC ! (part ...the second)

As posted previously,  I like to scare the living daylights out of myself by actually posting the state of the nation , errr painting table.

Now, this innocent little picture shows:

(1) the number of projects that have been, started...but not as Magnus would have said, actually finished.
(2) projects which seemed shiny at the time time but never got off the ground
(3) random regiments which need to be finished for a larger game, but of course distraction prevails.

The guilty parties include :
a) Axles and Alloys 'Battlecar' style conversions with matchbox cars and weapons of various scales
b) a regiment of late seventeenth century French dragoons
c) a 1/72 scale 1970s Chieftain tank and a large 'toy' scale M1 Abrams
d) 1/32 Airfix US Infantry undergoing conversion with Garands in place of carbines (scalpel and finger cut issues there)
e) a 25mm scale Dixon woodland indian (perched atop Chieftain)
f) 2No homecast Prince August knights

No wonder I never get anything actually done!


  1. That situation is so familiar. Umpteen projects all ready to go but the hard bit is choosing which to start and then maintaining momentum. I have found it useful to clear everything off the table but one project and then tackle one at a time.

  2. It all looks pretty normal to me.

  3. Gentlemen, I salute you.

    I was going to tidy it up and organise my projects, but if I am in such eminent company, I shall in fact ...start another project LOL Vietnam, here I come.