Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What a piece of junk! (or...Han Solo was right)

 With Friday nights fast becoming 'X-Wing Evenings', it's time for another 'buying expensive licensedTM pre-paintedTM miniatures and playing with glossy rules style-ee' post.

Now here, we see the introduction of the tramp freighter otherwise known as the Millenium Falcon. Crappy defence but lots of 360 degree attacks.

There seem to be two options.

Part the first...The Direct Approach (also known as suicide)

a) Fly straight at the enemy TIE fighters

b) ...while the X-Wings do the same (see the 'speed blurs' for the TIES in this pic - I meant to do that of course)

c) Get swarmed and die

d) sit beside the coffee in the 'graveyard of ships)

Part the second...the Feint (also known as the 'Han Solo Death Star Chicken sh1t Gamble')

Now the key here is to do what Han Solo did...

 a) Sort of pretend to get involved

b) Fly away..far away and say things like...'I'm not getting involved in your pesky (and particularly well financed...have I mentioned this before?) rebellion. Fly around the periphery a lot and take the odd long range shot.

Slight issue here is that the X-Wings get badly shot up and your fellow player goes ballistic (sorry Steve)

c) Then return as the all conquering hero to mop up, when there's a single X-Wing left and you have so many shields and hits that you are the equivalent of an M1 Abrams...

See? Exactly what Han Solo did during the Death Star attack. Let everybody else kill themselves and then just turn up out of nowhere and say 'you're all clear kid. Let's blow this thing so we can all go home!' (Did he really say that? Isn't that kind of...never mind...)

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