Friday, 3 June 2016

Axles and Alloys - part Deux

More from the game with nutters in cars!

Pete joined us for the second game - and what an orgy of destruction it became.
  • The table is too big. 8'x5' is great for Waterloo, but allows a degree of movement here (at high speed) which doesn't necessarily force the cars to engage the way X-Wing or similar would. Smaller table next week.
  • Some of the rules need some clarification with house rules, and we're developing a QRS.
  • The games needs scenarios, though an 'Autoduel' style game in an arena with winner takes all style rules, and random entry gates in gladiator style, would also work.
Other than that, more madcap excitement!

Steve & Mad Mike's excellent Blue Streak. Superb rust detail on the turret - and it moves!

Panzer Pete's beautiful Red Rampager. Look at the lovingly welded front ramplate, and some nice bullethole chique.

Steve-o's Gigapede . Fantastic finish and suspension work.

The Low Rider. Hey, gimme a break, I spent nearly 15 minutes on this one!

 Some flamethrower action. (Clearly I like the flamethrower :) )

Rampage heading for town.

This doesn't look good... brakka, brakka, brakka

Gigapede manages to evade the smash and drops oil...control roll time.

SMACK! into the Gigapede drives nonchalantly & wave.

Straight into the rear minigun turret arc of the Streak...wait, didn't we agree that the rear turret arc would be restricted to ...BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP.

Javelin reappears from last week, but only to help finish the Giga.

 Round and round and round we go... the air tonight.

 Fuel tank hit. Oops...damage uhh...does a lot of damage.

Daisy Duke settles on a temporary alliance with Rampage as they chase down the Streak.

As Steve plots the trajectory of the Nitro upgraded Interceptor as it hits the ramp...

 ...straight into the side of Daisy Duke. Control roll time again.


 Streak reigns supreme. Rampage tries a 'handbreaker' on the corner.

Another great game, but we need a scenario focus or an arena style game for future episodes...and a few rules tweaks.


  1. This really isn't my sort of thing. But I rather like it! And I already have some old toy cars, a spares box and some spray paint. Oh dear on dear......

  2. I used to think along similar lines Tim...but it's infectious.

    Once you start one car, you think what you can do with the next, and you remember what fun you had with that car as a kid.... and so the descent into hell begins ;)

  3. Yeah.... You're really not helping.

  4. :)

    Yeah. sorry mate ...

    I'm glad I never threw all those old matchbox cars out. The oldest one I have is from 1969, though I just can't bring myself to 'convert' it yet, though the 'far out' designs of some of those little vehicles is very MadMaxian.