Sunday, 30 April 2017

Le Duc on the Road - Part V - Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle is another of Northern Ireland's trademark ancient ruined castles. That said, new archaeological evidence suggests that there have been much older historical fortifications on the site and that there was a quite modern (for the time) town there, which was destroyed during the 1641 rebellion/uprising (depending on the historical point of view).

It really is wonderfully situated, and surrounded by steep drops on each side. Perfect defensive position.

First used by the McQuillans, it became the seat of Clan McDonell in the 16th century, and served as the seat of the Earl of Antrim until after the Boyne in 1690.

Less historically significant, it has also been used to film the latter parts of the less than stellar Jackie Chan movie, The Medallion (but Clare Forlani was also in it, so how bad can it be :)  ).

The view from the approach across the bridge.

The 'drop' down to the caves below, which run beneath the castle.  D&D anyone?

View to the west along the coast, toward Portrush.

 View to the east, and some of the beautiful (if dangerous) coastline. Running smuggling ops onto this coast in the nineteenth century might not have been the most advisable occupation.

View from the original 'inn' structure, where merchants and travelling mercenaries might have stayed until gaining hospitality / entry to the castle.

The interior of the original Manor House. Interesting features here like some of the original plaster on the walls, remnants of the original stairs and...

  ...graffiti on the fireplace from the nineteenth century, when the 1850 equivalent of delinquents raised the bar, by engraving their street art into the fireplace...those crazy kids.

Visitor signage is excellent as usual.
 ...though not all areas are accessible on the day. Damn you Health & Safety...

 A model of the topography and positioning of the original castle (and the strangely 'disappeared' surrounding town).

 A pic on the way out - showing the commanding bluffs and that wonderful cave network below (the pics in the caves never really came out).

And this is just the start of the better weather. Who knows where Le Duc could end up in the summer months ?


  1. Very interesting and lovely photos!

    1. Thanks Rodger. I guess the weather could have been better, but they turned out well.

  2. What a beautiful place...and castle!

  3. Hi Phil. Yes, no big museums or anything like that, but a great site to roam around.

  4. What a great site! Very nice to have places like that in visiting distance. Excellent pictures, too.

    1. Thanks Doug. The weather could have been better, but there are some epic shots to be had from the approaches and the castle itself.
      Finally getting myself a decent phone/camera helped too :)