Monday, 30 July 2012

Battlelore Defeat !!!

While waiting for the next Rapid Fire game to kick off, I played a simple little game of Battlelore with my youngest daughter. Ah, I thought, I'll get to show her the ropes, give some tactical advice, dole out the old fatherly gaming experience to help her along. But...No! Defeated by damned devious use of the magic cards...

The initial setup.

Apparently, the heavy troops look like...monkeys (awww cute).

Heavy fighting occurs in the centre.

Then? Creeping Doom...decimating the centre of the action.

Then? She played the damned 'deja vu' card and got to use Creeping Doom again!! Not fair I tell you!

Which proves once and for all that the actions of tabletop warfare professionals can be predicted, but the world is full of amateurs...

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