Friday, 10 July 2015

Steiner & Le Duc Episode 5 - Panzer Grenadier Deluxe

The thickness of the PzG book and the 4 page Quick Ref Sheet do seem imposing at first, though the system is quite innovative.

Its a neat system and with the complexity of what it's trying to model, quite slick in terms of what it achieves. Catering for infantry, armour, HE, artillery, troop quality and command inWWII is never easy of course, and the rules do cater for every eventuality.

Highlights include:
Resource management approach in terms of unit activation - although this is easier for better quality troops.
Armoured combat which emphasises the inherent advantages of superior tanks
Particularly bloody repercussions for moving in the open.

A nice system, which in discussion with Sgt Steiner (and Steve's recent comments over at Sound Officers' Call) make me want to try the 'Battlegroup' system as a comparison...(especially so now that I've heard about Battlegroup Northag)

 Steiner's excellent 15mm kit, which looks even better with the tracks that the Mark IVs make...

 Panthers on the German left, ready to make a mess.

British armour firmly ensconced in the town.

 A hidden anti tank gun and entrenched British defenders slow the German advance.

 ...which slowed to a trickle across the high ground as they took considerable time to ensure that it was free of British defenders.


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    1. Beautiful figures and troops! Thank you for posting this! I've been looking forward to hearing about PGD for awhile now.
      Now you need to try out Battlegroup!!! It is seriously growing on me as the "go-to" game. One of the best games I've played.

  2. Hi Duc
    Good game indeed and a good set of rules that I think strike nice balance between playability complexity and flavour. I rate BG series as a nice alternative with different things I prefer in each set but playable with same toys :-)