Sunday, 6 December 2015

Muster Tuck

The pic below is from another quick X-Wing game with the Friday group...and can be viewed as being a nice metaphorical indicator regarding my current fixation with multiple rulesets and wargaming methodology; i.e. imminent collision, confusion, too much squeezed into a tight space in terms of time and resources and a general fascination with the 'new and shiny'.

 (ok so, the x-wings are Volley and Bayonet, the Tie fighters on the right are 'Sabre Squadron'...ok so it doesn't work if I explain it, does it?...but Steve and Mike's asteroids do still look excellent...of course these actually, I'll stop now.)

It's all very well trying to say: 'Right, these are now my rules of choice for this period...that's it, nothing changes, no more - we just play games with these rules from NOW ON, uhhh if we happen to be doing this period!'

Any reader of this (and any) wargaming blog will understand of course, that such high hopes, born of an eagerness to streamline the amount of 'stuff' and 'clock time' surrounding our unique hobby, will be dashed upon the rocks of our fixation with the 'new and shiny'.

Lists always help, right? Ok, let's do that...

Ancients - desperately trying to get enough 20mm plastic painted to play 'Sword & Spear'. The first set of rules ever, where I have just ordered the second edition, before ever playing the first!

Nine Years War / Late 17th Century - hoping to do a version of Aughrim with Volley and Bayonet, before I re-base everything for something order to provide skirmish figures for the period.

AWI and C18th - Volley and Bayonet in various scales and Field of Battle and the other 35 sets that Sgt. Steiner has in his collection...

Napoleonic - I went and bought Blucher - like I need another ruleset.

ACW - I went and bought Longstreet...refer to above.

The Great War - yeah, WW1 spearhead is lying around here somewhere...

WWII - ordered the new 'Iron Cross' for squad leader level, but also have Steve's stuff to try and his new 'Battle' turn sequence is calling - one base or two per squad with 1 vehicle = 1 vehicle is a dream scale. BUT ALSO...WWII Field of Battle is calling for operational level engagements - really calling in terms of doing Market Garden or Ardennes. (and refer to Steiner's other 35 sets again).

Modern - Similarly, bases equalling a fire team or squad allows a lot of flexibility too. So focus was on Sabre Squadron, but again Steve's play sequence is attractive, as is the possibility of turning Iron Cross into something 1980ish.

Sci-Fi - don't get me started, but I really like the 5 Core stuff for WWII to Sci Fi...

Too much stuff? This is a good sign for the hobby (but not my wallet)...And returning to the X-Wing parallel, there's a counter called target focus. I need some of that!


 ...oh yeah, and I guess I have to paint figures too dammit...


  1. Lists help bring order out of chaos so I am in agreement, for sure.
    As for, Sword & Spear, I am in the same position as you. My understanding is that the Second Edition is simply an inclusion of the already published errata and clarifications.

    1. Exactly my thoughts, until I listened to the latest Meeples & Miniatures podcast which reviewed it...I didn't quite cave until I was pre-ordring Iron Cross from the same publisher though.

      My feelings here are, since I don't do a lot of ancients, that 'the game's the thing' and it reads very well. To that end, I want to put 20mm troops on large single bases - I have a surplus of 3"x1.5" cut for V&B - and want to use these, with 3"x3" for cavalry.

      ...and there I go off again, on another side project :)

    2. The road to Utopia is littered with side projects. For ancients, have you considered Basic Impetvs ot Impetvs? Great game having single, large bases

    3. I know of Impetus but haven't played it. It does have teh added attraction of a late C17th version too. :)

      I must admit, it was the review of Sword & Spear and the mechanisms that attracted me; that and a reason to paint up my masses of plastic...

      But yes, I will take another look at Impetus, now you mention it.

    4. RE: Impetvs for 17th Century
      I recently ran a game of Basic Baroque Impetvs with my ECW collection. I thought the rules worked quite well for the period. Certainly worth a look and the price is right. Basic Baroque Impetvs is FREE.

    5. Sounds superb - and have just been having a look.
      How many units can the rules handle for a large battle do you think?

      These look very interesting.

    6. Grafting the multiple command structure of Full Impetvs onto BI Baroque, three commands having 5-8 MUs per command could be handled with ease. That arrangement could accommodate the traditional arrangement of two wings of horse and a center of foot totaling 15+ MUs per side. One restriction to keep in mind is that under Impetvs only one command activates at a time. Even with that, I find games move quite quickly.

    7. Very many thanks for this info.

      This is perfect for the size of battle I had been looking at for Aughrim with my C17th stuff. Base width would be 4.5" per unit.

      Is there a free version of Baroque on the website?

    8. Try this link to the pdf:

  2. I feel your pain. Many different rules sets to try, and still the "Goldilocks" set of rules eludes me. I'm looking to give Mark Sims' "Rate of Fire" a go. I have always liked his rules rules sets. I'm thinking they may work well for my team-based 15mm WW2 stuff. I really liked "Rank & File" for tactical horse and musket. Might be worth a shot.

    1. Thanks Steven. Yes, I know you understand this distinct problem of ours.

      (And actually, I think I have Rate of Fire somewhere...and so the descent into madness continues..>AIIEIIEIEI...)

  3. Think you will like Blucher as it is a fine set (usual innovative stuff from Mr Mustafa)
    I have a Rate of Fire and its AFV supplement and a decent set they are too

    Also I ended up buying new V&B after your recommendation must get you to teach me them sometime