Thursday, 9 January 2020

More 7D - BAOR in a BIND...

More 7D in a midweek deathmatch with Steiner-ovich and DiceDemon(ski) taking on me with a paltry British defending force ;)

'Forty quid worth of diesel please mate...(ski)...'   If you have any photography expertise, you'll also note that using my fantastic depth of field knowledge, I have managed to achieve full focus on the hedgerow, while the tank and garage are slightly out of focus. Deliberate, of course...

Nice rules, great game, though some chat about its lacking in terms of artillery 'reality'.
Some doctrinal issues could be addressed, though the WPact 'platoon fire' rule tries to solve some of that in tactical terms, though arty and airstrikes a little too random with the card system.

The PringleLego Power Station

WPact also far too maneuverable - today especially...(bitter, me?)

 Pact armour moving with infantry support in centre.

 Steiner-ovich on British right - would remain 'mostly' untouched by Chieftain fire discipline and Milans, despite numerous attempts.

 NotEnoughBuildings-Hof on the Rhine

 My superb and envied system with regard to hidden units, which remains the 'top' way of doing it; honest.

 'Firing! APDS UP!'


 Steiner-ovich plods on, and on...

 Milan teams and British infantry running out of ammo (chits).

 The British do some damage on their left, but a Chieftain for one or two T64s is not the kind of exchange they need. (Should have pulled back to rearguard positions, but got carried away).

 The Lego Power station - consisting of Danish Bricks and British Pringle cartons...


 They're not all duds though!!!

 The British left was ok, but the Chieftains would not last long, especially so when Red Air is floating about.

 British right.

 More T64 brew ups, but not enough - exchange needs to be 2 or 3 for 1.

 Here it comes...

 Red Air is driven off, but not before it devastates the British left, that's 3/4 of the armour gone.

 LegoPringle Power Station on the left, as Steiner-ovich moves to cover from the ridgeline.

 ...while DiceDemon-ski just waltzes down the road, and the British can do nothing - out of chits - 'what? No. They were NOT Territorial Army ...who said that?' ...I blame Colonel Rupert...

 Near game end, and the British hit their break point, and the town is captured.

Great set of rules; eminently hackable, and more WWIII actions are promised, together with some of the WWII version in the shape of Iron Cross.


  1. Enjoyable stuff with nice fast play but flavoursome rule set. The Skytrex kit looks great teamed with the Timecast figs. Am sure we can come up with some ‘fix’ for artillery lack

    1. What SGT Steiner said....
      Are some house rules for 7D and IC in order?

      Probably wouldn't be hard to simulate the effects of a barrage with this system?

      Great looking game, gentlemen. Going to be doing some cold war turned hot action soon.

    2. Thanks chaps.
      Yeah, I think planned barrages and NATO responses could easily be factored in.

      Also thinking of trying out some FFT soon (possibly Spearhead), for when your Red Storm campaign hits, and I need battalion level games...

    3. I probably mean divisional level games... dohhhh

  2. Your humor remains even in defeat! Good looking action.

    1. Well, they ganged up on me. Two most experienced gamers in the group against me...I know right?, really not fair ;)

  3. Another nice action Duc. I like the idea of rules for Ammunition quantities - must try it.
    Someone needs to have a word with the local council regarding location of pedestrian crossings..

    1. Ah yes, the tokens represent command point expenditure, but pretty much limit your shots to the 'wisest' possible moment, unless it's me in defence, which means wasted shots all across Germany.

      Yes, I believe the Trumpton Town Planning Comittee were in W.Germany in the 80s, creating havoc with zebra crossings just to confuse the Sovs.
      That's Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and ...the other one.

  4. This ruleset is knocking out some great games. The table / figure scale is just right, I bet those Chieftains are nice weighty things in metal. It will be interesting to see what the new Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) offerings will be like when they are released.

    1. The Chieftains are beautifully heavy yes.
      PSC will be bigger at 1/144 I believe. I've seen some of the guys' 'Butler's 3D Printed' 1/144 versions, and they are excellent, without the advantage of the lead 'heft' ;)

  5. Nice report Sir Duc, the shot of red air aflame is rather cool.

    1. Thank you sir.
      It's rare to see that dangerous b**tard get shot down...

  6. Great looking game, love the power station

    1. Cheers sir. It's amazing what Lego and a Pringles(TM?) carton can do.

  7. Wonderful to see some well-spaced armor for a change, in a Cold War battle, instead of being parked tread to tread as if on auction, or ready for the recycling center.

    Thanks for sharing your pics and battle report. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.