Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Le Duc on the Road XX - Round Up & Pics from the Edge

 In the absence of anything else, as things are particularly busy chez le Duc... here's a roundup of recent walks and visits with the Duchesse. Now, you might think that Pandemic Lockdown would prohibit such frivolity. Nay, I say ...nay!

You shall not paaaaaaaas.

Needless to say, the Wargaming Blog Police will be on my case big style.

'Another blog post with no wargaming content? Are you serious Duc?

 ...and of course...the pile of stuff that I should be playing and posting grows ever larger. ho hum

You see a rough coastline ...I see where Vikings landed in the 12th century...

Part of the 'not so haunted' coastline

Good to see commanding site Project Managers - who probably think they're being putting quotation marks around the wrong word, and the lack of punctuation, the exclusive use of Upper Case...oh the irony...

A monument to Lance Corporal Walter Newel and Captain W V Edwards - both engineering students who loved the area, but who were sadly killed in the 1st World War.

Skyline Drive - Belfast Lough

The Copse

Entrance to the Witch Caves...well, no, but part of Game of Thrones was filmed just up this road.

Looking north to Magee Island

The Nugget

Lighthouse on an eerie evening

The cliffs where hundreds (or thousands) of local residents were thrown off during the 1641 rebellion. This place is not haunted at all ...much.

No really, I believe him

The aforementioned cliff pathway, after being opened up again

Someone left a message on the fence when they could get no further. I'm sure I won't be tempted to leave a new message, each time I visit...

Looking south back down the rugged coastline

'So you're posting these fantastically competent, and absolutely luscious pictures of the environment, in order to hide the fact that you haven't been wargaming? Get outta here Duc!'


  1. Same boat myself, Darren. March seems to be the "no gaming month" for us just like in 2020.

    I guess there is a whole, big wide and wonderful world outside the confines of our painting and gami g tables??? Lovely pics.

    1. Thanks Steve.
      They're a smattering of a few months walks with La Duchesse.
      I've even found some views I didn't know about, 1/2 a mile away.
      However, I do not have the advantage of a few AWI battlefields within driving distance like you do :)

  2. That's some beautiful scenery Sir, we all need a break from the paints and dice now and then.

    1. I blame the Missus - she keeps dragging me out for walks :)

  3. Bet that does the soul good seeing all that.

    But I have to ask. Is the shouty woman how you envisage the Kriblopo (Kriegspiel Blog Polizei)?

    1. Yes mate. She actually, uncannily, mimics every HR woman I've ever worked with (bar the fact that most of them were overweight ;) )

  4. You say there is no wargaming content, but what about ‘The Nugget’? Boom boom! 🦊

    1. Eee Damn - it does look like a D20 now you mention it.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Jonathan - I seem to be discovering more 'stuff' on my doorstep with each venture out now. There is an 11th century Viking grave - but it's hard to get to far ;)

  6. Very nice pictures and captions. 😀

    1. Thanks you sir. At least the rain stayed off ;)

  7. Lovely photos. Absolutely no need to make excuses for such an enjoyable post. Except for not declaring your pecuniary interest; we have Keith over at Bydand working for tourism NZ and now you for tourism NI!
    The beauty of lockdown is that you can get out and about without any other b@stard being there!
    Regards, James
    p.s. What is it about HR depts that they do not seek to build and encourage the 'resource' but to tear it down?!

    1. Thanks James.
      Yes - there are lots of development opportunities that would really encourage the area - all they have to do is give me a few million ;)

      Yes - HR depts have few skills and considerable influence I fear...