Sunday, 18 July 2021

'Hyboria Now' - Episode #3: 'Vampire Lake'

 Since her rescue from the hands of the 'Children of Doom' during Operation Valerius, Princess Zenobia has been a little under the weather. Of course, that didn't stop the Princess going out to her usual parties with her over-privaleged mates, especially those held at the Royal Estate at 'Vampire Lake' near the capital, Tarantia. Her doctors have of course advised against it, lest she suffers from a horrible virus, and might infect some of the young people ...   hmmm, I hope it's not a zombie infection :O

(Rules used are the sublime 'Squad Hammer: Peoples Edition' by Ivan Sorenson. Zeds get extra hits (head shots only), and no morale considerations, but only engage in close combat.)

The capital of Aquilonia isTarantia, an ancient city, lying on the Road of Kings, and the main east-west trade route of the Hyborian world. Ancient Aquilonia was well drained by the rivers Shirki, Khorotas, Ossar, Fury, and the Valkia. East of the Shirki and extending nearly to the foothills of the Border Range of Nemedia lay fertile plains interspersed with "tame" woodlands, and the grand houses of the Royal family. Built on the same lands as black structures of ancient Acheron, many modern scientists claim that the right assemblage of ancient curse and horrible magics, might create the seeds of the empire's own destruction.

Davide Dimblebus: Documentary Maker to the King

Those crazy kidz...

'BlackThorn 1, BlackThorn 1, We've received an emergency call from the Royal Country House...can you respond?'

'Roger ...on the way'


BlackThorne Response - Royal Aquilonian Police Force, drive past the Mitran Temple on the edge of the estate.

Handy that they have a sniper team on 'Barbarian Hill'

All is quiet ...

Detective Belit Crassus and Vera Ness are also on site ...of course, Vera just happens to be the ex-girfriend of Sgt Cal - the hero of Operation Valerius...

'it's too quiet - i can't even hear dance music...'


Vast groups of ...undead?!? (and these ones at the back of the house have clearly eaten all the pies).

'Engage! Engage! They aren't human anymore!'  'REMEMBER - SHORT CONTROLLED BURSTS ...oh and head-shots.'

'What the hell is going on BlackThorne ..BlackThorne!!!'

Police units have lost the initiative, and are isolated from their transport. (rules dictate that the Zeds attack nearest unit - which inevitably means that some police units are surrounded).

Ness & Crassus use cover to slow down the Zeds...also making a call to Sgt Cal, who is getting drunk with Nemedian Bob at a local airbase.

Other Police units are not so fortunate...

The Mitran Temple becomes a focus for ...lunch. does the bridge.

Ness & Crassus - and one (infected) Police Unit...move back toward the hill, and the sniper team...

...but the police unit won't last long.

...Cal & Bob, still pissed, arrive in a 'borrowed' chopper

'Hey's tricks! ...Bob brought an MG.'

It's a tight call - but the Detectives & Sniper team get away - uninfected...but the virus is spreading now...

...and was that an undead Princess Valeria directing operations from the temple...was her time with the 'Children of Doom' more dangerous than we thought...    
'Reaver, this is Maverick ...dropping package...over'    


  1. Thanks Darren, enjoyed the story line and photos. I did something similar 3 - 4 years ago .... time to jack that back up again!

    1. Thanks Norm.
      The 'Squad Hammer' rules really lend themselves to this type of quick/pick-up/character driven narrative.
      Activation based on a random number of units, but you pick where you want the emphasis to be - which meant in this case, that some police units got isolated. It all seemed to roll along nicely. There are 'hit-points' by squad which can be rallied etc, but a nice set of quick rules, that work for almost any genre.

  2. Nice, when all's said and done you just can't beat a zombie outbreak.i also get the impression this is far from over!. The game looks great, I'm itching to see where it goes next.

    1. Thank you mate.
      Funny you should say that. I'm sure the air strike has ended the whole thing, surely the outbreak is over...and Aquilonia can avoid a lockdown?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks George. I really enjoy writing this utter tripe LOL.
      But seriously, it's a change from line, musketry, armour and MG concerns - so all good.