Saturday 2 March 2024

Dune Part Deux

 After my views on the recent Napoleon movie, I did consider that modern movies might not be for me…until Dune Part 2 came along.

I read the Frank Herbert books many times as a kid, saw the 1980s David Lynch version (one of the 4 people that liked it) , and though Part 1 of this current Denis Villeneuve iteration was visually stunning, I found it a little dry toward the end.

I was however, absolutely delighted with how enjoyable and (still) absolutely visually stunning, with added appeal of great performances for the most part, Part 2 was.

Thoroughly recommended if a Dune fan, and even if not. Really good parallels with the message, if not the ethos of the book, with very few changes made for dramatic effect – and those that have been made, seem very effective (unlike Lord of the Rings Franchise…Battle of Pelannor Fields, ah’m lookin’ at you!).

Though of course the narrative is canted to appeal a little more to modern audiences, but whether Denis Villeneuve meant it or not, he has kept the core message of the novels re. ideology, true/false Messiah narratives (be they spiritual, corporate or philosophical), and the inevitable corruption attributable to both. 

Look for:

  • Ornithopters
  • Paul's speech to the southern Fremen (wow - and no powerpoint)
  • A wee bit of Krav Maga ;)
  • Geidi Prime effectively Black & White - stunningly done 
  • Great performances from the younger actors - and the old hands were being shown up I thought...
  • Raban's unique set of leadership skills...
  • Rebecca Ferguson :)
  • Stunning shots and close ups - the look of this film resonates

It is therefore admirable that Villeneuve managed to stick to the Dune narrative, without trying to be  contextual with the modern world (the politics of Dune are very much not ours - no matter how some reviewers would like to think they are); of course, indirectly there are always parallels, but too many modern directors, or their production companies try to push an ideological narrative in order to make money – not so here. If anything, much of the 1960s era spiritual details have been blurred vs the context and meaning of the original book, as to dwell on same would have strangled the narrative.

Of course that said, there was a scene where the Fremen are heard to retort ‘of course he is not going to admit to being the Messiah; only the Messiah would deny being the Messiah!’

…which reminded me of…

In fact...wait a minute...
Brian lives with his Mum...Paul Atreides lives with his Mum proven !

Another classic, with strangely, a similar narrative ...really!

Get back in the house Brian!...I mean Paul!


  1. I just re watched Part 1, and am greatly looking forward to seeing Part 2. I also liked the 1984 version, I've seen it a few times. Who doesn't love Sting in chain mail underpants?

    1. LOL ...I had forgotten Sting's weird brass boxers! I think Villeneuve almost had to get part 1 out of the way for part 2's epic climax. At 2:45, you think it's going to be long and dry (like the sands of Arrakis...) but honestly, it is so well made. ...and dare I say, that Feyd Rautha in this instance is even better ...brass boxers notwithstanding.
      The performances from most of the actors are superb - to be honest, Chris Walken seems a little stale in comparison.