Sunday 19 May 2024

The Relief of Vilnius: Part 2

 Now, it was a big game, and so it became a two-parter...

Again, Rapid Fire Reloaded gives such a seamless game, with lots of 'stuff' on the table. With younger players, and seasoned grognards, this is just the kind of game that really works for us.

"Halt Hans! I need a coffee..."

Now, again, I use a base marked with infantry and a dice to record casualties - which helps adjudicate hits and morale check level(s), much more easily than the older methods - and REALLY speeds things up for infantry actions. Also, and key, it allows me to put a panzerfaust infantry figure on the base, then remove him when the 'company' has fired same.

Back to the action:

A STuG escorts the recovery convoy through Vievis. Soviet reinforcements have not arrived on the flanks yet.

Excellent 'PanzerBusch' positions along the ridgeline

We used the 'ambush fire' rule (previously reserve fire) a lot!

Soviet mortar position - rendered quiet in the end

German left - Panthers approaching the March Battalions

A brave StuG gives good account of itself

PAK front on overwatch

Rescue trucks arrive - loading up

...just as Soviet reinforcements in the shape of deadly T34-85s arrive on the German right

'Here they come!!!'

However, the Panthers, having assumed superb overwatch positions, reduce the Soviets to so much scrap metal - very quickly...

Panther counter-attack

Excellent move as they come off the ridgeline to destroy the Soviet attack the first of the rescued battalion exists the table...

The Soviets take massive armour losses ...they have more reinforcements to enter the table though

Finding themselves badly positioned, the Panthers on the left flank suffer badly, though it is too late for the Soviets

...because they have got nowhere on their own left...

Hell's (other) Highway

We have played this scenario six times over the years - and this is only the second time we have had a German victory. Great game!

So, in keeping with the 1980s movie theme from the last this case, we have Germans heading east before rescue (check), and attempting something they say can't be done (check), with a long way to go (check)...and a short time to get there (check)? Why sounds like...


  1. Some 'whites of their eyes' action there :-)

    1. Yes, a few sticky moments. The 'ambush fire' (formerly 'reserve fire' in 1.0) is quite subtle, and if poorly used , can lead to some close range anarchy; though it doesn't always go the attacker's way, of course.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray - it was a clash of giants - well it would have been if the T34-85s could have hit anything!