Sunday, 2 December 2018

'Lost in Germany - 1984' - the Christmas Bash

With the annual Christmas bash of the Glorious Bast*rds due, there was much discussion over period and rules, an ACW Field of Battle game narrowly being beaten out by Modern Spearhead - yet another set of 90s rules that I bought and shelved.

So with 3 (very) patriotic Soviet players and 2 West German, a scenario based on the Red Storm game in the rule-book was in the offing.

There was much play of the Russian national anthem, and cries of 'Let them SHing!' as the 94th Guards Motor Rifle Division deployed on their start lines.

 We prepped the room a little for the W.German players.  Get carried away? us? I don't know what you mean?

 The Luneberg Heath, south of Hamburg...and a lot of open ground to cross.

Motor Rifle Regiments deploy east of the Dorito.

 One regiment, recently returned from Syrian front, has not even had time to renew its livery for the European front. Hard bast*rds!

West German units will have a hard time covering the front, but will prove hard to shift.

 ...especially those Leopard 2s.

 Startline Dorito. Awaiting the signal to advance.

 Here they come!

18th Guards will take on the twin villages. Quantity has a quality all its own, though that doesn't make things any quicker.

 German Air makes an appearance, though the air is thick with SAMs and ZSU fire.

 Nervous German players point out the problem? No...perhaps just another random target.

The Soviet right - preventing a drive to the objective. Some Hind discipline required.

 Objective Beer.

The centre can be reduced, though at a a heavy cost. ATGMs are flying (and I forgot my damned pipe cleaners). 

 The Leopards start to dish out some Ambush Fire hurt at ranges which the Soviets can't hope to match. DRIVE FORWARD!

 The Soviets pass Objective Chocolate Orange.

 The Soviet drive in the centre...who can stop this? Surely? the left engages the twin villages as per orders.

 Leopard 1s on the Soviet left. They remain safe througout the drive.

 Soviet armour is pushed back the way it has come on the left, past Objective Guinness.

 The centre holds. Right and left are weakened, but still holding. Soviet reinforcements are desperately required to punch through the Germans. Some Leopard 2s are brewed up, but not enough.

 The twin villages are taken, but at what cost?



In the end, the Germans hold, and the Russians cry that they did not have enough forces. The Socialist Peoples demand that they be given the full TO&E next time ;)

A nice set of rules, with some nuances and simple, but not simplistic, mechanics.
More play required. 

And finally, were we lost in Germany?

As Ski reminded me - there was of course a relevant song that I'd missed out...


  1. Impressive look, ideal scale and rules. I have recently picked up The Third Word War, forwarded by Sir. general John Hackett. It is almost 40 years since I first read this and this type of game takes me right back to the first reading.

    1. Thanks Norm. It was a great day out.
      Funny you should mention Hackett's books, I had the 'untold story' for decades, then picked up the original first book only a few years back in a second hand store. A great read - and still quite topical. We grew up in a dangerous time when it all could have gone to hell so easily. (My kids will argue that we still do...mehhh).

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks Gonsalvo. Thanks for commenting - I love your blog.

  3. Looking good, Darren. Epic Coldwar action always well appreciated! Makes me want to finish off some cold war microarmour projects that have been sitting idle for too long! I used to own MSH but sold them off. Pity as your game makes me wish i hadnt! Have you played the WWII Spearhead?

    1. It was a great day. Haven't tried WWII, though I want to now.
      (Let me see what pdfs I can send you mate ;) )

  4. Very nice! Very similar to the CWC game I GM'ed last weekend. There's a lot to be said for a "99 Red Balloons" engagement.

    1. Thanks Ski.
      Damn - I knew there was a video I'd forgotten - adding now :)

  5. Now that's a proper massed battle!. And those are objectives I can understand people fighting for (just like the Christmas evening skirmishing over the twiglets round chez sprinks ( but with fewer casualties). Great write up too.

    1. Cheers mate. Yes. I feel that the bottles of alcohol and obscene amount of sweets/crisps (and especially objective Dorito) had their part to play.

      I found myself, that objective Guinness kept moving about, and being renewed though ... ;)

  6. Another good game in good company

    1. Yes, it was a great day.
      I hear a rumour you're setting up a WWII Spearhead game ;)

    2. Hoping to maybe set one up over Christmas period

    3. 'The Christmas Bash Part 2'
      'The Dice Demon Strikes Back'

  7. Darren, great looking game for the War Never Fought. Thank goodness!
    Once my gaming buddy sees this, your spectacle may provide motivation to tackle something similar with his vast modern collections. "Startline Dorito" indeed!

    1. Cheers Jonathan. The guys set up a superb all day event.
      Yes - I found that the tactical nuances of moving from startline Dorito to phaseline Guinness (which kept moving strangely) occupied a lot of my time :)

      Always love large setups of the war that never was...and agreed, if it had, we wouldn't be here to blog about it.