Sunday, 14 July 2019

Casey's Redoubt, at Battle of Seven (Four) Pines - 1862, with Regimental Fire & Fury

Another excellent outing with Regimental F&F and some superb 15mm ACW forces.

 Present were myself (the 'hat'), Robust Steve, and Cider John as Rebs -  and 'We Won' G and  'Side of Decency' Richard as the Union.

Apparently, some players liked to make it obvious which side they were on...(I believe that I only mentioned unjust Northern taxation on our exports, and thereby our justified secession, four...maybe five times?)
The 'Dice Demon' was relegated to referee so that someone else had a chance at winning...

  A rare picture from the setup phase...prior to all hell breaking loose...

Now you can see 'Seven Pines' in this pic - decorated with 'Four' trees. Hence, termed 7/4 Pines for the rest of the game...

 The Union redoubt and 'killing box' in the centre (I'm sure that was once a movie with Martin Sheen...which was a poor imitation of Apocalypse Now, re-written for the ACW?).

 Rebs have to negotiate felled trees and rough ground.

Rebs in extended line, with Rifle Muskets, opt to close assault the Union positions !!!

'What the hell is he ***ing doing suh,' my CinC was heard to cry...  A roll of 4x9s in a row, and it worked though ;)

 Yeeeeeee Haaaawwww



 The centre will inevitably be a tough nut to crack, however, on the Reb left...there is more success...


A new Reb brigade reinforces their right. Union reinforcements will be piecemeal, but will appear in force at the end (yes, yes, we never got finished G, I know, I know...)


Rebs push on the left, threatening to cave in the Union right flank

Assaults in the centre go in two, three, four times...
It's a hard nut to crack...

'Le Duc has left the battlefield to go pee suh...'
'Vewy comendable, vewy comendable...'

The Reb's battlelines 'should' be enough to grab the Yankees by the nose and kick 'em in the ass (via those flanks)...

Union reinforcements. 'Pah!' we scoffed (yet they held on).

 'We're goin' in again boys!'

The Union right ...holds, falters, holds again...

 The Reb right, developing into a flank action.

 The Reb left - considerably more success.

 The centre is a horror story...

 Near game end - Rebs begin to turn the flank while holding a Union regiment off.

 Final assault in the centre. The redoubt holds, but the Union is weakened either side of it - the next point of Reb efforts.

Hard fightin' in the centre.


 The overall picture near game end - fragile flanks and robust (Steve) centre.

 Turnin' that thar flank boah!

Another great game with these rules, great hospitality from Cider John, and too much beer consumed...

G says it was a DRAW! 
Though of course, bein' a Yankee, they'd be used to re-writin' history in their favour suh...

And cue the songs..


  1. Ah yes the view from the other side even if through a beer haze :-)
    Was another excellent days gaming and the after meal was fine too.

    1. T'was excellent.
      I find that beer improves gameplay - at least in my head...

  2. Enjoyed, thank you. I saw G's account this morning, nice looking game.

    1. Thanks Norm.
      G's account will of course be afflicted with the desperate poison of Union bias ... ;)

  3. Terrific BIG battle scenes Sir Duc. I have never heard of that film; perhaps that's a good thing.

    1. Thanks Jack.
      Yes, trust me. Missing that film is a good thing.

  4. Wow great fight! Epic action too. I loved the Leonard Skynard T-shirt - my compliments on a hard-fought battle.

    I would like to serve black coffee and hard-tack to my guests when I host games (for authenticity) but beer would probably be much better received ;)

    How long did the game take if you dont mind my asking? My group likes Regt. Fire & Fury but the length of the games is a detractor from us playing more of it. We need a decision in 3.5 hours! Typical yankee impatience!!!!

    1. Thanks Steve.
      YEah, it's a long game, but a lot of players and some key guys that have played the rules help.
      So, we started at about 1100 and finished on turn 8 (of 12) at around 1830 - though that includes lunch and general b.s.
      So it is a long game.
      I guess it's the mods, and the number of units involved that make it a little longer than some modern sets.

      I should also add, that as a coffee addict, I had 6 cups in addition to the Guinness :)

    2. Nice! I, too, am a coffee addict. I actually love the FandF system. It's one of my favorites I just never have the darn time to actually know who won the battles!

  5. Outstanding work! With either BFF or RFF, rolling a series of '9's does not make one a brilliant tactician but it sure clears the field of opposition and makes one believe in invincibility!

    Very enjoyable report-out!

    1. Thank you sir.
      We were nigh on invincible suh...for a minute or two at least...

  6. Always interesting to see an AAR from each side! :-)

    1. Thank you sir.
      I'm certain that you can trust the Reb's report, as having a little more veracity in this instance ... :)