Wednesday 30 November 2022

Setup for Warburg 1760

 In a crass attempt to get a post in before the 'end of the month' (in a similar manner to how the 'end of the month' results  haunt business endeavours like the ghost of Christmas past) ...I got a post up before the clock ticked into December...yay!  Mind you, it's just the set up that the guys have done for the Big Christmas Game this Saturday. This has become something of a tradition, together with the Easter game, the Summer game, and any excuse for the proverbial p1ss up ;) ...I mean, serious military simulation ...

Warburg 1760 - an epic 7 Years War clash between an Allied Hanoverian/British forces and a larger defending (whilst surprised) French army.

The rules will be Koenig Krieg 2 - with Steve's excellent amendments. A 2nd outing for these.

The guy's fabulous 15mm forces will be in play - it promises to be quite epic.

It's all quiet so far...

French deploying on the right flank

...with some support on the left

Allied forces will deploy fully on Saturday in response to the French dispositions

It's looking fab, and we haven't even sat down yet...


  1. It does look good! I have fought this battle using a hex-and-counter wargame so will be very interested in seeing your battle play out. I need to paint Hanoverians/British before I can field this battle in my table.

    KK2? Which cover sheet is that one?

    1. It's the old Blue cover Jon. I'll ask Steve if he's happy to send his amendments to you - they are a great set of rules.

  2. Looking forward to the AAR.

    1. The early insults between players are already in play - all part of the deadly pre-battle psychological game. We take all this very seriously you know ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you sir. We're pretty excited t'is true