Sunday, 21 April 2019

Salem Church 1863

The Easter game was a re-fight of part of the 1863 Chancellorsville campaign - using multiple players and John and Stephen's excellent 15mm ACW stuff - masses of ACW goodness here.

Rules used were 'Regimental Fire & Fury'   which are smooth and give a good representation of the 'grind' of ACW battle.

Some confrontation on the Union right - where both sides would grind each other to a stalemate.

The centre-right would prove pivotal to the battle, and see most of the hard fightin'

With a Union objective centred on reaching Salem Church, grinding the Confederate army down would instead prove to be easier.

Multiple breakthroughs for both sides in the centre.

The Union right holds in stalemate...

...while the left threatens to collapse - held in check by timely yankee reinforcements.

Gaps emerge in the centre - as the Confederates become worn down.

The Confederate attack has ultimately stalled, despite some early successes, and the less experienced Union troops are starting to exploit gaps.

Clashes continue, the Rebs being held or driven back.

Carnage in the centre.


 In the end, the Union win by holding their lines and breaking the will of the Confederates, but a close run thing with a nice set of rules.

Music provided by the excellent 'Devil Makes Three':


  1. typical Yank arrives late to party then claims the glory :-)

    1. Haha...yeah I know.
      I feel that my late arrival and early dice rolling 'prowess' for the Union side, actually gave the Rebs a better chance?

  2. Looking good, Darren! Fire and Fury always delivers on its promises! Ive always liked the games it produces. -Steve

    1. Yes mate.
      Really good game and a long time since i have played f&f.
      We're talking some online amendments for using Regt F&F for AWI.
      All good

  3. Looks like massive fun! I despair of ever finding the time to paint enough to play something like this.

    1. Hi Doug, thanks for kind comments.
      Yes - the guys concerned have a massive collection, and Steve is a real speed painter - a specialist in getting 15mm stuff done quickly.

      In fact...we pay him to paint our stuff most of the time. I think with practice, comes speed and ...increased labor efficiency.