Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Le Duc (not) on the Road XVIII - Strasbourg (and no snow globe)

Continuing this limited series of places that I haven't actually visited, yet Mademoiselle has, with her Uni chums - and then sent pics to wind me up, we present Strasbourg in all its glory.

So, I asked her to find me a snow-globe commemorating Louis XIV's annexation of the city in 1681 - its apparent independence somewhat circumspect as Holy Roman Empire forces used it as an avenue for reinforcement to the east; Strasbourg endangered Louis's newly annexed territories in Alsace, just as the great fortress of Luxembourg dominated the other regions Louis had annexed from the Spanish Netherlands.

You think that'd be easy to find, I know right!

Come on Straz...get with the programme guys! I need a 'Louie Fourteen Does Annexing' Snow Globe!!! (preferably with Louis on skis hurtling down a mountain slope with a Matchlock and one of his mistresses...I mean, how hard can it be to find that?)

It's Crimbo!

Amsterdam? Surely not.

Obviously she was buying my Christmas present in here :)


Tree...uhhh from another angle?

Excellent architectural prowess.



...more next time...I'll get to Versailles yet!

This is the 38th Post this year! 38 Posts! How the heck did I do that. Granted there have been some 'duc on the road' things and movie video links, but this is a new record for actually having done very little gaming - mind you, the Ponyri campaign has really got the numbers up - thanks again Steve-o .

I might even make 40 before the year is out has been a very weird year...


  1. 38 posts thus far in 2019? That surprises me. Your blog seems much more active than that. Perhaps it is the flurry of recent posts that has my perception distorted?

    1. 38 is a new record actually Jonathan. Normally it's in the twenties. That flurry has certainly helped yep. It sets a dangerously high precedent though... :)

  2. Those photographs do look good, so much to see so little time.

    1. Yes George. She has another trip planned this week. I don't get it. I thought that placement students were supposed to actually do some work when away...?!?

      I do feel that some iconic and subtly off-the-wall snow globe is in the offing though, after my comments.

  3. Great pics, Darren! My compliments to the Mademoiselle. Nice job with the posts for the year! There will be more bloodshed before you can take your leave! We still have 1 more turn in the campaign!

    1. Thanks Steve.
      Yes, it will be exciting to see how the campaign turns out. Excellent work.