Saturday, 17 September 2022

Some 'Seven Days to the River Rhine' Modern Action

 Another post within 24 hours???

Yes - I have some catching up to do. :)

This game fell hard on the heels of the previous 1914 game, and though dealing with rules published by the same company, deals with the very different 'Seven Days' modern version, which, to be fair, is very well written and explained, and VERY playable.

As usual at Steve's bunker, the battlefield is superb

This was another Attack/Defence scenario 200 (ish) pointer for the Soviet attackers; played without the cards. 

The models were 3d printed editions from Butlers Printed Models and the Plastic Soldier Company Soviets that came out for the Battlegroup Northag rules last year.

Soviet Units begin to move, using cover as they can, knowing that the defending Leaopards will be where they least expect them's one of them now

One lucky tanker makes it across the wheatfield

This platoon is a little more cautious

German defenders at the crossroads


Soviet dismounts

inching toward the high ground

Soviet dismounts dash across the road toward the chemical plant

If they can take this position, they can flank the crossroad objective

But Leopards love to do that old 'shoot and scoot' thing

The Soviets start to move on their left now infantry assaults through the warehouse section of the chemical plant

NATO satellite footage

Small numbers of Germans...but they have MILANs

...just like that, as a BRDM pops from cover and is killed before it can shoot its Sagger load...

MILAN discipline is nothing if not effective

Soviet Sagger teams lose their wheels

A German Jaguar now shows itself and begins to take kills amongst the T-64s

...there are dangerous gaps in the cover...which the German MILANs exploit

But some accurate T-64 fire takes out the Jaguar

Soviet infantry desperately assaults the German infantry dug in, in the woods

bloody fighting ensues, but the Soviets carry the position

...with cover fire from the T-64s on the high ground

...even taking out a Leopard at long range

German defenders at the houses around the crossroads objective

bloody fighting at the woods

BTR covering fire

T-64s taking kills even now

Germans at the crossroads still

We didn't manage to get finished, though still a genuinely entertaining set of rules, with much to like. This set, in particular, does not appear to suffer from the degree of rules queries that we might see in 'Iron Cross' and '1916', though.


  1. You wait for a bus for hours and then two show up at once! Another fine Cold War action with a very fine looking table. Good stuff!

    1. Very true Jon aye :)
      I have two tables set up ready for other games - but can I get time to do them?
      So - expect another 2 posts soon LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Peter - the lighting, terrain and spectacle and game is always great at Steve's house.

  3. The 10mm kit surely does look good as does terrain.

    1. Yes - though I think this is 12mm (1/144) so doesn't go with the Skytrex stuff - all of which I bought off the guys anyway LOL ...but it looks damn fine. Steve's terrain is always superb.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks George. Steve's terrain remains awesome as ever...and though the plastic PSC stuff does have the odd mould line, it looks damn good from distance.