Sunday, 29 September 2019

Beka'a Blues 1982

As light refreshment after Fitz's recent return from holidays in Israel, a modern 20mm middle-eastern clash with 7D was in the offing.

This game was very loosely based on the 'Clash of Giants Scenario' (6th June 1982) in the old TTG supplement for WRG/Challenger - 'Battlezones' by the late Bruce Rea Taylor. The book is also famed for Bruce's valiant success in translating WWIII scenarios from sources as diverse as Sir John Hackett's Third World War books, through to James Rouch's 1980s vintage The Zone series.

In 7D terms, it was a 500 point meeting engagement - and we did not feel that hard done by in terms of forces. I had been worried that the game would be too short, but platoon /company actions are clearly the order of the day here. It becomes relatively easy to manipulate the vagaries of the rules, such that you know when to:
  • Rally
  • Keep command pips
  • Respond/react first
  • Try and take a flank.

It's all good, and works well.
Still a few things in the rules that we are getting used to, but we find more depth each time we play.
Merkavas were treated as somewhere between Challenger and Chieftain for the most part, which may be a bit much for 1982 Mark Is.

(Pics from Fitz's holiday also follow at the end...)

 Phaseline Shalom

 View looking north toward Haribaya and encroaching Syrian forces.

(A mix of 20mm Revell, Butler Printed, misc plastic kits and those purchased ready built T72s that come in plastic boxes....)

 Downtown Haribaya

Aging T62s feint on the flank. Fodder for Merkavas.

There were some very poor shots - which is good, because when a Merkava does find its mark, you normally know...

Syrian armour on the road now...Aluminium is a poor match for APFSDS.

Syrian armour, kicking up dust.

Merkavas seize the high ground early, though a little too enthusiastically, as they are under early threat from numbers attempting to flank.

 'Where the hell did he come from?'

 Trading '1's for penetration..SPANG..SPANG!

 What's this? Soviet advisors?

 The problem with a flanking shot, becomes immediately obvious. (You can just see Fitz pulling that nasty T72 back into the town on the right).

 ...hard fighting on the flank does pay dividends.

Temporary Base of Ops.

 Flank secured.

 BMP suicide run against a Merkava ...Sagger HEAT value vs Merkava 's' armour means rolling with disadvantage, which is never good.

 An infantry clash on the Israeli right.

 Carnage in the centre.

Syrian break point reached...

Some of Fitz's pics

 View from the Golan Heights

 The Jordan Valley

Ammunition Hill

...and this week's Radio Gobin... Don't ask, I just found it by accident?!?!? Honest.

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